Tuition covers five days of courses, lunch and course materials. SPA grants exclusive access to unparalleled resources at Harvard, including distinguished speakers. Please note that this tuition does not include housing for the students. SPA is a 9am to 5pm program.  

Tuition for a five-day session of the Summer Politics Academy: $750. 

Admitted students are asked to pay a $100 security deposit a week after their acceptance to the program.  The rest of the tuition will be paid by a date that is communicated via email to accepted students. 

Financial aid 

At SPA, we believe in making sure that the program cost does not act as a barrier for students to take part in, We offer need-based financial aid that is offered as a discount on tuition. Students can apply for financial aid by filling out the financial aid application. Please fill out the financial aid application with your application form to make sure we can let you know what your financial aid decision is as soon as possible. While we are trying to gather resources, we have a limited amount of financial aid available. Financial aid cannot cover costs beyond tuition. 



fundraising guide

We encourage students to seek out funds in their communities to finance their summer programs. Most people find a lot of success in reaching out to their local communities, friends, family and online communities. We have complied a fundraising guide that you can use as a guide to structure your fundraising program.